Top 6 Things To Do In Cairns, Australia

Hot Air Balloon Tour

Following are some of the best things to do and places to visit in Cairns, Australia.

1. Great Barrier Reef

Great Barrier Reef

If you have been to Australia (it’s not just about Cairns), you must visit this place and spend some quality time there with friends or family. It is a part of the UNESCO world heritage and remains one of the biggest and most famous coral reefs in the world.

If you are fond of marine life, this place can be quite amazing for you. The lake looks very beautiful with the sea animals. There are a number of other places and recreational activities you can enjoy at Great Barrier Reef.

2. Babinda Boulders

Babinda Boulders

This can be a pretty good place for many tourist and visitors. This swimming pool is the source of attraction for thousands of visitors and new people. There you will also find new species and small animals that can be worth watching.

But if you want to make your time here enjoyable, we will recommend that bring your lunch or food to eat so that you can enjoy everything there. For the swimmers, this is the perfect place in Cairns. Friendly interface and various filters of EscortEuroGirls can help you to call a girl in less than five minutes.

3. Hot Air Balloon Tour

Hot Air Balloon Tour

Your trip will be just incomplete without enjoying the beauty and scenery of Cairns and the Queensland. There are many people offering hot air balloon tours for three to four hours.

The charges are decent and affordable for an ordinary person. This balloon tour will make your trip really awesome and worth remembering. Just do some research about the people offering this type of tours and they will also offer pick and drop service from your hotels.

4. Prawn Star

Prawn Star

We have not included any hotel or restaurant here. But this restaurant is worth visiting because of the quality food available there. Prawns, mud crabs, oysters and whatever is caught in a day is available there. You would love to eat there. The ambience is also great and it can be a nice place to relax and eat out.

5. Rainforest Tour

Rainforest Tour

Australia is full of beautiful and amazing places to visit. If you keep visiting the country for a year, you will not be able to visit all the tourist destinations. There is so much talent in terms of tourism.
The Kuranda rainforest village is one of the popular destinations for the visitors. This village is way more beautiful and attracts thousands of people. You should visit the area and it will not be disappointing at all.

6. Rusty’s Farmer’s Market

Rusty’s Farmer’s Market

If you are going to Cairns for a longer trip and plan to stay there for few weeks, this farmer’s market should be onyour list. This is the best farmer market in the area and items here are very cheaper. You would love to walk there for weeks because it has been designed so beautifully.

You can also shop from here and save a lot of money. The vegetables, fruits and other items here are pure and healthy as well. Just remember that it shuts down at 2PM so visit the market few minutes before the closing time to get the cheapest items.