What To Know Before Visiting Siem Reap And Angkor Wat

Planning your next adventure in Siem Reap for Angkor Wat? Want to prepare yourself for the trip before you leave for it? You have come to the right place. Here are some of the things you need to know and prepare yourself for before visiting Siem Reap and Angkor Wat

1. You Can Always Barter

In the markets of Siem Reap don’t just leave stuff that you like only because it is a bit out of your range. You can always negotiate or haggle with the shop keepers. You would notice shop keepers to follow you and offer things to sell while you roam around the market, that would be annoying but that’s their way of selling stuff. If you would like any stuff, they would raise the price 3-4 times higher than the original one so, don’t hesitate instead, negotiate and pay for what you’ll actually get.

2. Hire a Tuk Tuk for the Day

You can’t hire a tuk tuk in Siem Reap for just one-way tour. If you hire one, you would have to stick with them throughout the day. So, schedule your tour for a day in which you could take as much advantage of the tuk tuk as you can otherwise, you would have to pay for the whole day even if you had a one-way ride only.

3. Keep Yourself Hydrated

Weather in Siem Reap is usually hot and as a tourist you would have to walk a lot every day. For that, it is really important for you to stay hydrated by drinking lots of water throughout the day especially when you are out under the blazing sun.

4. Keep a Guidebook with You

When you are traveling in a new and completely unknown country, you definitely need a guide. Hiring a tour guide usually cost you a good amount of money however, if you keep a good guidebook with you, you would travel independently and be your own guide for the trip

5. Don’t Forget Your Power Bank

When you have a complete day tour (Angkor Wat tour, for example), don’t forget to take your power bank along as you would use your phone so much for pictures and videos which eat up a lot of your phone’s battery within no time. Carry a power bank so that you could recharge your phone as soon as its battery starts to drain.

6. Buy Snacks and Water from a Convenient Store

When you walk so much, you definitely need something to eat and drink in order to keep yourself charged. Mini-bars in the hotel rooms are over-priced that’s why, buy water and snacks for your day from a convenient and reasonable store.

7. Bring Scarf and Sun Glasses with You

As the sun keeps throwing its scorching heat to you, it’s important to keep yourself covered with sunglasses and a scarf and of course, lots of sunblock cream or you would be tanned as so bad.

Before leaving for the trip to Siem Reap and Angkor Wat, get some help from above-mentioned tips and make your tour more stress-free and enjoyable.